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New Blue Interactive

About Us.

This isn’t just what we do, this is who we are.

New Blue Interactive staff is driven by passion for their work to make the world a better place. We believe in digital and making it an accessible and fundamental component of the programs of people doing good in the world. That’s why we are here and why we bring our best every day.

Our advocacy efforts extend beyond just our own client work. We have marched together, fought together and supported each other and our colleagues in the field through it all.

New Blue is a great place to just be… to be whoever you are. Our team won Best Company Culture by Campaigns and Elections magazine because New Blue is more than just a job to our team.

As a woman-owned and founded company and a proud union shop in the technology space, we are committed to forging the way for courageous, ambitious, passionate individuals from all backgrounds, races, religions, abilities, and sexual orientations to change the world for the better. What New Blue employees have in common are our values, which guide how we approach our business as well as our relationships with each other: agility, integrity, innovation, community, and success.

Democratic Business & Professional Development: Best Employer- Professional Development Initiative

This one we are particularly proud of as it represents not just what we do but who we are.  When we developed our mantra of making good happen, we saw it as twofold… At NBI, our goal isn’t just to amplify the voices of our clients, but of our staff as well.

We are committed to investing in training and professional development for our staff, ensuring that each person has the resources and knowledge they need to succeed.  Collectively, what we do here together is making history, making our communities stronger, and making good happen.

Our Team


Here are just a few of the past and present clients up and down the ballot and in the nonprofit sector that we’ve been proud to represent. For a full list of our clients, click here.

Proud to Have Worked With.

Tony Evers
Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee
Sharice Davids
314 Action Fund
Collective PAC
Our Revolution
Aaron Ford
Nevada Dems
Brady PAC