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Senior Director of Advertising

Derese Belle.

Derese joined New Blue in 2021 and has since streamlined the advertising operations process making our ads team one of the best-oiled machines in the business. She is committed to the success of advertising operations processes, and she is passionate about driving campaign value by optimizing efforts through identifying audiences. She has executed thousands of data-driven buys for political campaigns across advanced TV platforms.

Prior to joining the New Blue team, she worked with D2 Media Sales – a joint venture between DIRECTV and Dish, formed to create a scalable addressable platform for political advertisers across the country. At D2 Media Sales she managed ad plan development and strategy, led ad operations processes, directed ad trafficking, managed campaign performance, and organized audience on-boarding. 

From advocacy awareness to presidential elections, she has achieved client’s advertising goals nationwide at all levels for issue and candidate campaigns. 

Derese has a BA in Broadcast Telecommunications and Mass Media from Temple University. She also has an MBA from Georgia Southern University. She currently resides in Maryland and enjoys photography and video production.