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Digital Data.

NBI is well-known industry-wide as deliverability and data experts for our evidence-based data hygiene, data deliverability, and data protection monitoring.

Our exclusive, custom-built tool, DD3, ensures that our names will drive significant results and protect your reputation with email providers and your audience. We apply this same expertise to The Good List, with the average ROAS being between 150% – 350%.

LIST Rental

We want you to succeed. Invest in the growth of your list through acquisition, advertising, texting programs and other tailored channels. We can connect you with the most effective lists in the country.

List Brokering

Recouping your investment on your list is a valuable strategy for moving forward. At NBI, we can broker your list based on its valuation as well as your initial investment.

We have two pricing options for brokering: a 50/50 split if you continue to house your list, or a 60/40 split if we house your list on our CRM. We may structure the transaction to meld names into NBI’s The Good List once the agreed upon value is reached. In those cases, we will take control of the list with the value of your list + housing + brokering. Control of the list will serve as our fee for brokering. You may also delete any personal contacts you would like to exclude/remove from the list. If at any point you decide to run for a different office, don’t worry, the list is still yours to use!

List Valuation

One of your most valuable assets may be your list that you have invested in acquiring. We can help you define the market value of your list, advise you how to leverage it to your advantage, and make that happen for you.

Taryn Rosenkranz, CEO & Founder of New Blue Interactive has been providing analysis on lists and valuations since her firm’s inception in 2011. She is considered a premier digital expert in this arena. Her bio and information can be found here.

Valuation is done based on the data captured from our email program and should be adjusted as actuals fluctuate. It should be considered an estimated value and totals can be adjusted as it applies to the subset universes and/or if the market value of list acquisition shifts significantly.

Data Hygiene & Management

List hygiene is essential to meeting your goals. We will help you clean your lists and maintain their integrity to optimize your deliverability and ROI.