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May 16, 2022

You are meeting the moment.  But are you making the most of it?

In the past few weeks, we’ve all been focused on rapid response to the SCOTUS leak, the subsequent statements from both sides,  and the Senate vote.  And rightly so.  There are few issues as galvanizing as this one and candidates and campaigns need to respond and take advantage of the moment so they can change the tide of the fate of Roe.  

We’ve seen multiple streams of finely-tuned rapid response messages for fundraising, illustrating what’s at stake in this moment and the moments to come.  Certainly, fundraising for Democrats in the race is crucial.

But what is the opportunity cost of focusing solely on fundraising in rapid response moments?  This is also a key moment to message to your persuadable universe. Voters are, at this moment, primed to be reached, be educated, and act.

In less than an hour, digital can send out text messages, launch search ads, and display video and social ads to your persuadable universe. With different messaging, we can take advantage of the moment that can lay the foundation for future communication. 

As you think about your rapid response strategy, don’t let the opportunity pass for meeting this moment with your persuasion platform.  

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