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February 15, 2023

The Good List

There’s no debate: running a successful digital fundraising program is essential to building an effective campaign or organization. How to do that effectively and efficiently is the big question, and New Blue Interactive is here to lend you our expertise. When it comes to building lists, there are two big questions: 

When do I start to optimize the best returns? 

How do I build a strong list that will keep paying off? 

New Blue Interactive knows that timing investments in list growth effectively is the secret sauce of success, and our high-powered clients have reaped the rewards of our planning cycle after cycle. However, the question isn’t just when to invest. To achieve success you also need to invest in trusted sources, like New Blue Interactive’s very own The Good List. 

What are the potential pitfalls of building a bad list?

New Blue Interactive is here to help you navigate these treacherous waters with best-in-class technical expertise and over a decade of experience guiding our clients to lucrative fundraising hauls and game-changing victories. 

Our team of talented strategists have poured all that experience into curating The Good List: our in-house list of progressive donors and activists. 

What makes The Good List so good?

New Blue Interactive practices evidence-based data hygiene, data deliverability, and data protection monitoring through our exclusive custom built tool: DD3. This ensures that our names will drive results and protect your reputation with email providers and your audience. 

New Blue Interactive has been growing The Good List dynamically for over a decade with emails and phone numbers from some of the most competitive races in the country. Our experts thoughtfully curate The Good List constantly, making it one of the most cost-effective targeting tools for email and texting. Our average return ranges between 150% – 350% of your investment. 

When you buy or rent our names, you get peace of mind that we’ve done the work to set you up for success. The most successful digital programs make early investments, and we want to ensure you can do that without risking your good name. 

How do I access The Good List?

We’re offering very competitive rates at the beginning of this cycle because we know that early investment is critical.

Reach out to us about The Good List – let’s Make Good Happen!