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July 14, 2022

The Art and Science of Facebook

Recently, Facebook unveiled changes to the Facebook ad library which will provide a full picture of a candidate’s Facebook/Instagram buy.  The new environment allows for the openness that many have waited on for quite some time, while also offering insights that could only be guessed in the past. With the new ad library update, Facebook has lifted the veil on political targeting to allow for a more open and transparent environment. This evolved environment comes with benefits for all.

With this change, we will have the opportunity to see how our opponents are targeting like never before. We can see if they are focusing on their base, strictly working with a custom list, or if they are expanding their audience with look-a-like targeting. It allows us to gain insights in places that campaigns could only speculate previously. This new insight will have a major impact on message delivery strategy. For example, we now have an exact picture of the audiences to reach with opposing messages. This update can also help to develop our own niche audiences that opponents may be less concerned about, given their campaign platforms and issues. 

On the surface, this update shows who opponents and contemporaries are connecting with, but on a deeper level, it will help shape the strategy of what content would be best served for connecting with those same audiences. 

Stay tuned as we see how this shapes strategy and outcomes in the coming months.  Here’s to making good happen!

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash