Senior Director of Digital Strategy

Alex Schaffer.

Alex’s 7 year career has focused on expanding and creating high performing digital campaigns. He has executed digital successful strategy for corporate, non-profit organizations and political operations of all stripes. 

Alex has excelled at digital strategy and message development since joining the New Blue team in early 2018, moving quickly from Senior Production Manager to Accounts Director and now as Senior Director of Digital Strategy. During the 2018 cycle Alex led Joe Manchin’s West Virginia U. S. Senate re-election email program and was a critical team member on Kyrsten Sinema’s historic U. S. Senate win in Arizona. In the 2020 cycle Alex led the highly successful efforts of Our Revolution and helped re-elect key members like Carolyn Maloney & Brad Schneider. 

Alex is a proud native of New England and a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, with an honors degree in Comparative Literature and a secondary major in Political Science. He speaks French fluently and Spanish proficiently. He is an avid hockey player and currently lives in CT with his family.