New Blue Interactive

Our Services

New Blue Interactive (NBI) is a perfect fit for your campaign’s operations because we have an unparalleled understanding of what truly works in the digital space for online fundraising.

We have counseled hundreds of campaigns and some great non-profits on their new media efforts, raising over $400 million dollars for candidates and party committees. Our efforts with these campaigns have led to significant net-new fundraising dollars, persuasive online advertising campaigns, connections to grassroots donors and the netroots community, and a broader coalition of overall support.

We have experience working with campaigns in competitive and non-competitive races and have helped everyone—from emerging congressionals to statewide campaigns to massive national organizations—raise significant digital dollars.

Build strong email lists

An important step in any campaign is to grow your email list of supporters while making sure that you are collecting the most relevant and up-to-date information, and giving folks a concrete reason to contribute — all while becoming and remaining a trusted source of information. NBI can quickly provide you expert guidance in building the right mix to produce the most effective results and allow enough time to turn activists into givers.

Create meaningful and accurate projections

NBI’s first step is to perform a digital audit of your existing infrastructure to find your true active universe and give you the most precise projections. NBI will help you decide the best tools to use, such as email swaps and petition campaigns, based on what you need and your price point.

Increase online advocacy of your supporters

After spending years raising millions of dollars for political campaigns and organizations, the NBI team knows that having the right content goes a long way to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck. From experience we know that success is built on finding a foundation that works with your narrative. NBI will help you develop messages that are tailor-made to work. As we test, target, and track we use reports and analysis to make tweaks as needed to improve results. Building a list of core surrogates also helps to make your emails stand out. NBI knows the successful formula to fundraising grassroots solicitations to increase return.

Integrate direct mail, telemarketing and online programs

Seamlessly integrating your new media communication efforts into your overall communication efforts will create a powerful megaphone for your message of the day. Your online strategy should be thought of as part of your holistic approach to new media. There is no reason to create entirely new content. Instead, repurpose your existing messaging and allow your online presence to become another vehicle for you to broadcast your message. Your online program is a major part of your earned media and rapid response plan.