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In the News: Georgia special election smashes all-time spending record

That staggering total reflects the special election’s unprecedented national profile. It exploded onto the scene this spring as a potential referendum on President Donald Trump’s […]

Netroots Nation: List building crash course: Avoiding the spam traps

Q: In your opinion, what is the most common mistake that organizations make when building their list? A: Uploading old lists or worse uploading the voter […]

In the News: Who Scares Democrats More Than the Koch Brothers? Nate Silver.

That’s scary stuff if you’re a Democratic supporter, especially coming from an analyst whose accuracy made him a household name in the past few years. […]

In the News: This Is How Campaigns Get You To Open Their Emails

Every campaign wants to post strong fundraising numbers in its monthly or quarterly filings, and such an appeal tells people that their contributions will matter. […]

How to Fundraise During the Holidays: End of Q4


By: Jackie Bateman, Senior Digital Strategist End-of-year fundraising can be extremely difficult for campaigns. Everyone is tapped out from the holidays and tuned out as […]

How to Fundraise During the Holidays: December 2013


By: Taryn Rosenkranz, Founder & CEO, New Blue Interactive Traditionally, Q4 fundraising is the toughest. In an election year, it comes right after the election, […]

The New Normal is Digital

by Taryn Rosenkranz for Campaigns and Elections Magazine Digital campaigning is now the expected, not the extraordinary. Going into the 2012 cycle there were plenty […]

In the News: “It’s not too late to advertise online”

“I think mobile is where people will be focused,” says Taryn Rosenkranz, who heads New Blue Interactive. “This is one that a lot of campaigns […]

In the News: Will The Online Campaign Kill The TV Ad?

“With people watching less television, there’s a category of people you’re not catching on TV, who don’t have landlines [and so can’t be reached by […]

In the News: “Send money now! Candidates compete for online cash”

“It’s like a two-minute elevator pitch,” said Taryn Rosenkranz, whose company, New Blue Interactive, works for Democratic candidates and causes. “You don’t have very much […]